Go To Gifts for the Host of the Party


How many times are you going to show up to a party with a bottle of wine in your hand for the host? This holiday season, I’m challenging you to up your host gift game! Yesterday, I gave Fox Baltimore Morning News a few of my favorite host gifts. If you insist on a libation, bring Ketel One Botanical instead - vodka distilled with natural botanicals and infused with natural fruit essences. Her vodka soda will never be the same! For the family focused host, try Vertellis - a super fun card game that gets your family off their phones and engaged in meaningful conversations. I also love giving the gift of mess free hair with Zazzy Bands pressure free headbands. They are the perfect little accessory for my fellow Moms always on the move. And every host loves a wonderful smelling home. Scensicles are the first scented ornaments that make any Christmas tree or holiday greenery smell fresh cut for the entire season. Try one of these unique gifts and I guarantee you’ll get invited back!