Wrapped in Love


Watching my daughter learn to speak has been so exciting. In the blink of an eye, she went from saying a few words and pointing to expressing herself in multiple sentences with her hands on her hips! So now more than ever, I'm thinking about importance of what words she's learning and how I can nurture her speech development and later, reading skills. That's why this cozy blanket is my fall essential. It's always draped over the back of my couch, ready for afternoon snuggles or story time. And every time we use it, Arabella will ask what the words mean. It warms my heart that she's already learning what it means to be positive, have courage and feel strong - the words that inspire little girls to become determined women! 

If you'd like to wrap yourself in the Unbreakable Blanket, visit www.getyourmindinmotion.com where 10% of all proceeds go to support cancer patients.