A Bittersweet 3!

Bella 3rd Bday Pic.jpg

In what feels like the blink of an eye, my baby girl just turned 3 years old! And although I am deeply grateful to have a healthy and happy toddler, my heart can’t help hurting a bit because my baby is growing up and blossoming into a little girl at record speed. Arabella never ceases to amaze me. My daughter is so loving and compassionate, already bilingual, making her first friends, singing entire songs (and she will tell you to clap and then take a bow), she’s starting to have an opinion on any and everything, and she has such a big personality in that tiny body - she brings tears of joy to my eyes on a daily basis. But with every precious milestone comes the realization that she is gaining more independence… from me. Watching your child grow up is the epitome of bittersweet. I know my fellow Moms feel the same way! So with these thoughts in mind, I decided to try to ease up on my feelings of attachment and embrace my daughter’s newfound decisiveness and birthday wish for an ice cream themed party with all of her friends and family. Watching her, filled with pure happiness, surrounded in a room full of love and laughter was spectacular. And instead of thinking about the bitter, I focused on the sweet - my one and only, amazing little girl!


If you're wondering who made Arabella’s adorable ice cream cone cake, check out the beautiful custom creations by
Cake As You Like It!