A Big Girl Bed

Our First Contest.JPG

I have to begin this post with total honesty. We are a co-sleeping family. But not necessarily by choice. Ha! When Arabella turned a year old we immediately started encouraging her to sleep in her own crib but she always ended up back in our bed. And even after listening to an endless amount of advice from well meaning friends and of course, trying every tip and strategy I found online, my husband and I still struggle. Yes, even “experts” need help:) So imagine our surprise and excitement when all of sudden, our daughter started talking about wanting to sleep in a “big girl bed”. So here we are, at another milestone, choosing Arabella’s first bed - while hoping and praying that she will sleep in it! And in what feels like divine intervention, I came across a once in a lifetime contest to win a custom airplane bed designed by the amazingly talented Dahlia Design! When I showed Arabella the airplane bed her eyes lit up and it’s all she can talk about. This bed couldn’t be more perfect for my little world traveler! Did I mention that my daughter’s initials spell AIR because of our family’s wanderlust? Yes, it’s meant to be. We sent in our entry video last week and we are anxiously waiting for the results. Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for us and I'll be sure to post an update!




Arabella was bursting with joy when her powder pink custom airplane bed arrived! I feel so fancy just saying that. LOL!

I know she will remember this experience and cherish her bed for many years to come.

We are so very grateful to Dahlia Design for making our little girl’s dream come true!