Thankful for Barbados


I will always have vivid memories about my family’s Thanksgivings. Growing up, I could always count on feeling completely surrounded by family and an abundance of love on Thanksgiving Day. From my Grandma’s mouth watering green bean casserole to the lazy energy after dinner, everybody in the living room together, talking and laughing so loud and so hard until it hurt. Well now that I have my own little family, we are beginning to create our own traditions and memories. And sometimes this means stepping away from the big group, to take time to enjoy and focus on each other, just us three. So we did that this year in Barbados! It is an absolutely beautiful country with the warmest people. The beaches are breathtaking - the most beautiful water I have ever seen. And the Bajan food? Everything is fresh and seasoned to perfection. We spent Thanksgiving in our swimsuits, toes in the sand, eating flying fish and macaroni pie! It was unlike any Thanksgiving I have ever had - but just as meaningful. I’m so grateful for such a unique, peaceful and special holiday together in Barbados!