Family Yoga

Yoga For Toddlers Pic.jpeg

I was so excited to share a wonderful yoga class with Kidd O’shea on Good Morning Washington last week. Most people are familiar with Mommy & Me yoga but there are family yoga classes that are just as much fun. Yes, that means everybody in the family, including Dad, is welcome to join in! We love going to the Musical Cubs class at Beloved Yoga Sanctuary. The class includes live music along with kid centered yoga and breathing exercises. The fun songs really help the kids interact, be silly and best of all - get moving! I really believe kids need yoga just as much as adults do, now more than ever. We live in such a fast paced, tech focused and competitive world. Our children need healthy activities like yoga that teach compassion, self awareness and encourage optimism. So if you’ve been thinking about about taking your or your child’s first yoga class, why not do it together at family yoga! Namaste.